Camping Gear on Rent

New to camping? No problem. UKdiaries, offers camping, backpacking, and snow rentals, It is a one-stop shop for the basics. for those in need of individual items, we have got those too, with basics like camp stoves, tents, trekking shoes, and cooking set.. 

In each camping set you’ll find everything you need for a group of your size, including a sleeping bag, sleeping beg, cooking set, headlamp, stoves, tents, and camping chair for each person.

And not just on camping gear. We have got hiking essentials, snow gear, cycling and climbing. Everything is straightforward at ukdiaries, down to the pricing, and options are streamlined.

Quechua 2 Person Tent
(On Rent) 
Quechua 4 Person Tent
(On Rent)
Night tec 1000 (1) copy-800x800
Mount Craft Sleeping Bag
(On Rent)
Portable Bluten Gas Stove
(On Rent) 
Pink Yoga Mat with White Background
4mm Yoga mat for Camping
(On Rent)   
Portable Camping Utensils
(On Rent) 
Light Weight Trekking Pole
(On Rent)
Trekking Head Torch
(On Rent)
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Colonel Trekking Bag
(On Rent)
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